How to add new content on top of a folder

By default Plone adds new content to the bottom of a folder. With zope3 event-handlers you can change that behaviour easily.

Here we use event handlers to push newly-created NewsItems to the top of the page. Usefull for blog-style folders. It doesn't apply when editing existing content.

Add a new subscriber to your configure.zcml (you might want to use your site-policy- or theme-product):

   handler=".newsitemmover.moveToTop" />

Create the new file containing

def moveToTop(obj, event):
   Moves Items to the top of its folder
   folder = obj.getParentNode()
   if folder != None:

Restart Zope.

The tricky part is to choose the correct Interfaces for the subscriber. Keep in mind that IObjectAddedEvent is called several times during adding a NewsItem. It doen't matter in this case since the item can't be any more on top than on top :-)