collective.noticeboard - a noticeboard for Plone

collective.noticeboard is a Plone add-on for fancy virtual noticeboards. The board handles as intuitively like its real-live cousin.

The noticeboard in action

Once you install collective.noticeboard, any folder or collection (even the site itself) can be viewed as a noticeboard. It displays the content of that folder/collection as colored sticky notes that can be moved, resized and edited.

collective.noticeboard comes with a per-board-configuration where you can select the note-type (news-items by default) and the content-types that should be displayed on the board. You can also enable adding new notes when clicking on the canvas and create an archive for outdated notes.

The advantages to websites that offer a similar features as a service are obvious:

  • The data lives only on your server, which is non-negotiable for intranets.
  • The code is open source, you can adapt it to your needs.

The board works with archetypes and dexterity-types. Yes, you can use it with plone.app.contenttypes!

Since the content has the default workflow, notes are usually not published after creating when using Plone out-of-the-box. We included an option to auto-publish new notes to work around this. Use it with care.

Most of the board-functionality is in javascript using backbone.js and jQueryUI. Feel free to copy that code and integrate it into other backends. To create sticky notes you'd only need a few lines of javascript and jQueryUI (see this jsfiddle for the full example):

$(function () {

Our javascript-code is a little more complex since we have to deal with a lot more UI, overlays, TinyMCE and so on.

The code can be found on GitHub. The package is on PyPi.

Starzel.de developed collective.noticeboard for the German Institute for International Educational Research (DIPF).