Plonator-sprint - report on day one

Yesterday the Plonator-Sprint kicked off. We got some way to establish a common website for the german, austrian and swiss plone-communities.

The plonator-sprint takes place at the department of informatics at the University of Munich and aims at improving the visibility of the plone-community.

The munich plone-user-group managed to get plone.de online since January 2011 after a year of back and forth about the domain. We plan to run plone.at and plone.ch on the same site. To enable the austrian and swiss communities to excert some control over the page yesterday I wrote a view that forwards visitors to country-specific landing-pages. Visitors of plone.de will end up at www.plone.de/de and visitors of www.plone.at at www.plone.at/at - de and at being folders with a collection as default_page and custom teaser-images.

At the moment we are knee-deep in a discussion about plone, open-source and marketing. This afternoon we'll visit the munich strong-beer festival…