Back from the Plone Open Garden in Sorrento

If you do Plone, come to PLOG next year. Bring your family.

A poster I once designed for World Plone Day said "There is no place like Plone".

The community surrounding Plone is in fact like family for many of us. The Plone Open Garden in Sorrento is one of the events where the Plone-family meets the Plonistas family. It was a near-perfect mixture between a holiday, a sprint and a conference.

Imaging sitting under palmtrees drinking a nice cappucino and doing some light coding while the former president of the Plone foundations splashed around in the pool with his daughter. Add to that the sight of Vesuvius, loads of italian food, great presentations and many people to have engaged discussions with. Bliss.

You can even go hiking in the hills above Sorrento

It was also a very productive week. We managed to get a lot of work done  in plone.app.contenttypes that should make it ready for Plone 4.4. I gave a short talk about its state. The slides are not too informative without the demo. But I encourage everyone to use it for your next project or even try migrating a website. A new release will be out in a couple of days.

Thanks to the guys from Abstract for organizing PLOG, special thanks go to Maurizio for his infectious enthusiasm and optimism.

In short: If you do Plone, come to PLOG next year. Bring your family.

See you next year. Be prepared to meet my family :-)