World Plone Day 2009 in Munich

Set in a beautiful Seidlvilla in the heart of Munich the World Plone Day 2009 is an event not to miss.

World Plone Day 2009

22. April 2009

A great day for Plone ...

The morning session of the 2009 World Plone Day in munich is devoted to talks for beginners. Here we cover basic features, case-studies, theming and customisation of Plone.

In the afternoon we tackle the advanced stuff. Topic are: Professional intranets, internationalisation an high-end case-studies.

We will be there - not only as participants. Other than the basic walk-through the beauty that is Plone and a introduction into high-end intranets I also volunteered to give a fun new talk on the créme-de-la-créme of those 2422 products with which you can extend Plone and even make it have a pony

... and a great day for schools

As if that was not enough we have a parallel one-day-mini-sprint. The Plone-Community of Munich creates a complete new website for one lucky school for free. Including design, hosting, security, some workspace-tools and all the Plone-goodies that come out-of-the-box this is not only a great chance for a school to save a lot af cash but also a good opportunity for aspiring Plone-developers to learn the ropes in a crash-course.

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