World Plone Day 2010 in Munich. Register now!

Tuesday night at the usergroup-meeting we finalized the program for World Plone Day 2010 in Munich. I'm pretty exited about what I think will be the best World Plone Day ever.

This year the we mainly focus on how Plone enables communes and other public institutions to create complex portals and intranets. Therefore we have a very loooong session on the inclusion of various aspects of various stuff. LDAP, SQL-databases, design, internal applications like room-planners and content are normally already in-place when Plone comes along. So we try to show how to make all these things work together nicely without throwing them away or reinventing the wheel.

I also get a chance to give a updated version of my all-time-favorite presentation about some amazing add-ons for Plone that exists through the hard work of others. I was thinking about calling it "Plone — straight or on-the-rocks?" but stuck with "Pimp-my-Plone".

We have some non-technical talks about Plone in the morning and some more in-depth talks in the afternoon. Plus case-studies and enough time for discussions. And: we go to a pub afterwards :-)

Check out the full programm and register now at http://muenchen.worldploneday.de/anmeldung