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Next Training: 17. - 18. October 2016 in Boston

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Plone is a powerful, flexible Content Management Solution that is easy to use and extend. Plone has a well-tested code-base, a multitude of amazing features, the best security-track in the business and a bright future ahead. Plone is written in Python, a beautiful and extremely popular programming language.

Although Plone is well documented it is a challenge to learn programming with Plone. With the power of Plone comes undeniable complexity. Various technologies have to be mastered to effectively create intranets, websites and webapplications.
The Mastering Plone Training is your sherpa, get to the peak and enjoy the view over what you can achieve.

Facts & Figures

We have 12 years of Plone experience, bundled in this training. We use Plone every day and know it very well. We usually give trainings with two trainers. This means there is always someone there to help you individually if you get stuck.

The training material is open sourced and part of the Plone Core Repository. We are working on it since 2009 and held numerous Plone Tranings since then, among them at the international Plone Conferences in Arheim 2012, Brasilia 2013, Bristol 2014 and Bucarest 2015.

Philip Bauer

Philip Bauer
Plone Developer & Evangelist

Philip Bauer is a Webdeveloper based in Munich who fell in love with Plone in 2005 and since then works almost exclusively with Plone. A historian by education he drifted towards creating websites in the 90's and founded the company Starzel.de in 2000. He is a member of the Plone foundation, loves teaching and is dedicated to Open Source. Among other Plone-related projects he started creating the Mastering Plone Training so that everyone can become a Plone-Developer.

Steffen Lindner

Steffen Lindner
Plone Developer

Steffen Lindner is a software developer from Munich, Germany. He started developing Plone in 2006. He worked on small Plone sites and also with huge intranet sites. Since 2012 he is a independent contractor and joined the team at starzel.de. As Open Source and Free Software developer he joined the Plone core developer team 2011.

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The Training

Since we created this traning it has turned into the canonical training-documentaion of the Plone-community. Together with the Plone Community we constantly update the training to keep up-to-date with the changing world of Plone.

The full documentation is online so you can learn in preparation to a training and you can revisit it at any time. The documentation for the training is published on github and readthedocs as Open Source:

Mastering Plone Documentation

Other Trainings

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Training Details


This is an advanced training intended for people who know Plone and who would like to make it onto the advanced level.

We assume you have some experience with:

Course Content

Some highlights of this training:

  • Plone 5
  • Dexterity
  • Behaviors
  • Templates and template-customization
  • Views and viewlets
  • Debugging
  • Relations and their use

We also try to fulfill to your requests. Please send us an email if there is something that you want us to cover in the training.

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